UK’s Political and Economic Future Lacks Confidence Among Majority of Youth

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Young people in the UK have recently participated in a survey conducted by Ipsos UK on behalf of BBC Radio 1 and Newsbeat. The survey aims to provide insights into various aspects of their lives, such as social media usage, career goals, life aspirations, concerns, and opinions on politics and the economy. More than 2,000 young people aged 16-24 were surveyed online between September and October 2022.

Attitudes towards UK Politics and the Economy:

According to the survey, only a small percentage of young people expressed positivity about the future of UK politics (17%), the UK economy (20%), and the environment (26%). Roughly half of them (49%) claimed to feel proud of living in the UK. Furthermore, the survey revealed that trust in politicians and business leaders is low, with only 12% placing trust in politicians to tell the truth, while 18% trust business leaders.

Social Media Usage:

The survey also looked into the time young people spend on different social media platforms every day. It was found that 39% of daily TikTok users spend three hours or more on average per day on the platform.

Worries and Concerns:

The rising cost of living and inflation emerged as the primary concern among young people. Over half of those surveyed (52%) expressed worries about the increasing cost of living and inflation. Additionally, 40% expressed concerns about financial security, while 32% worried about affording rent.

Money-Saving Measures:

Given their concerns about the cost of living and inflation, young people have taken steps to save money in the past six months. Approximately 45% mentioned shopping in different supermarkets to cut costs. A further 10% acknowledged using food banks for groceries during this period.

Passions and Aspirations:

Financial security and having plenty of money were identified as the top ambitions among young people. For 16%, being financially secure was their greatest aspiration, while 11% emphasized the importance of having ample money. When considering what would make them happiest in life, 20% cited having a family with kids, and 13% mentioned being in a stable relationship.

According to Hannah Whyte-Smith, Director at Ipsos UK, the survey highlighted several concerns among young people, notably the rising cost of living and inflation. It’s not surprising that financial security is a top priority for this age group. She added that support from family and friends is crucial during worrisome times, and media can also provide relaxation and advice. Aled Haydn Jones, Head of BBC Radio 1, thanked Newsbeat for the collaboration and viewed the survey as an opportunity to give young people a voice and learn about their experiences in the UK.

The survey provides a unique perspective on the lives of young people in the UK. It sheds light on their attitudes towards politics and the economy, their social media behaviors, their worries, and their aspirations. The findings show both concerns and positivity, allowing for a deeper understanding of young people’s experiences in 2022.

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