10 year old Damilola Taylor dreamed of being a Doctor. Shortly before his untimely death on 27th November 2000 he wrote of his hope to change the World. The 20th anniversary campaign is dedicated to young people and their aspirational stories of ambition and hope. The kind of young person Damilola was turning into.

Richard Taylor

“Twenty years have passed but the memories are still vivid and the pain is still raw. It gives me great pride though that so many organisations are supporting this campaign to shine a light on the kind of positive young person Dami was turning into himself”

Rio Ferdinand

“I remember the impact the death of Damilola had on Peckham and on society. Twenty years on I am delighted that my own foundation is working with the Damilola Taylor Trust and the Hope Collective helping to shape this memorial campaign. It is important we change the narrative around young people and offer support and pathways to allow them to shape a positive future and fulfil their potential. ”

John Sentamu
Archbishop York

“It was a tragedy that shook the World. Damilola lives on in the work and inspiration of the charitable Trust started to honour his memory. I was proud to be asked to preside over the anniversary memorial service at Southwark Cathedral on November 27th when I hope to meet many of the young people highlighted through this campaign”


Hope 2020 is a campaign shining light on the positive contributions of young people. Inspired by the philosophy of the public health approach to reducing violence affecting young people. Hope is a vital ingredient especially in our most socially challenged communities. Relationships are key to supporting young people and we are delighted to have such a broad church of contributing partners supporting the campaign.

Ambassadors of hope

Individual stories of everyday young people. Their hopes and aspirations. Advocated by campaign partner orgs

of hope

Page dedicated to opportunities for young people to engage with


All of the organisations who have come together to support this 20th anniversary legacy campaign

Educate out racism!! #MLKDay2021

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run them walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do keep moving forward! #MLKDay

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that” #MLKDay

@StreetDoctors @UKYouth @DrAlexGeorge It’s going to be a huge challenge but it’s one that we must rise to. The need to “reframe the narrative” is falling on deaf ears as long as the label “youth violence” is being promoted by the establishment. Young people would never have created this label 🏷 CC: @HopeCollective2

“We need to break the pointless cycle of short term thinking, short term funding and partisan decision making. Some things are more important than politics” @policecommander https://www.hope2020.uk/blog/remembering-damilola/ @HopeCollective2 long term non partisan collaborative thinking #DayOfHopeUK

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