Plymouth call centre revamp brings 250 new job opportunities at EE

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EE, a communications company, has exciting news. They are planning to hire 250 additional individuals for their call center in Plymouth this year. Over the next six months, they will be recruiting numerous people in the city to increase their staff count across all contact centers.

These new positions in Plymouth will be located at the recently renovated EE contact center in Langage Business Park, Plympton. They will mainly involve service roles for the company. EE is currently advertising full-time customer advisor jobs that offer a starting salary of £21,408, along with regular bonuses. There are also part-time positions available, offering a salary of £11,417.60, plus bonuses.

The company values these roles as essential for their operations as they form the “backbone” of their business by providing support to their customers. EE also highlights the benefits of flexible working arrangements and substantial discounts on their products, including mobile and broadband bills. They emphasize that these discounts could save employees hundreds of pounds each year.

Regarding the contact center itself, it underwent a complete renovation towards the end of 2022. EE, which is part of the BT Group, transformed it into a modern workspace accommodating around 1,000 employees. The refurbishment included the addition of new café and restaurant facilities, flexible workspaces, collaboration areas, as well as spaces for relaxation and recharging. The staff can enjoy complimentary tea and coffee, and there is even a concierge service available.

Plymouth houses one of EE’s largest contact centers, serving customers all over the UK. Since 2019, the consumer contact centers have taken charge of handling all customer calls in the UK. This move brought customer service for BT, EE, and Plusnet customers back to the UK and Ireland.

The opening of the Plymouth contact center dates back to 2000, emphasizing EE’s longstanding commitment to the location and the region. The investment made towards its refurbishment, starting in 2021, further reinforces their dedication to maintaining a strong presence in the area.

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