Investment to breathe new life into youth facilities in disadvantaged areas

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Today, it has been announced that 43 youth centres in disadvantaged areas will receive funding from the government’s Youth Investment Fund. Over £90 million has been allocated to these organisations, which will be used to build or renovate facilities over the next three years. This funding aims to provide access to positive activities and opportunities for an additional 45,000 young people. In addition, £11 million will be invested to provide one million extra hours of youth services in areas with high rates of anti-social behavior. Another £16.9 million will be used to create 20,000 new places at youth groups such as The Scouts and Girl Guides through the Uniformed Youth Fund.

The beneficiaries of this funding include Edinburgh House, a Stoke-on-Trent organization that will use their grant of nearly £2 million to renovate and extend their facilities. This will allow them to provide workshops and activities, ranging from art and music to mindfulness and outdoor sports, to an additional 150 young people each week. The Lambton Street youth project in Sunderland, which supports young people in their transition to adulthood, will receive a grant of £785,000 for a redesign and upgrade of their building. This will enable them to reach an extra 120 young people every week and improve accessibility for disabled youth. Brighton Youth Centre, allocated £4.3 million, plans to transform into a state-of-the-art facility, offering free arts, music, and counseling services to 3,000 young people each week. The Alt Valley Skills Centre will receive £2.5 million to support over 200 more young people per week with various activities, including horticulture, cooking, and fitness. Nottingham Mencap, a charity supporting people with learning disabilities, will use their grant of £445,400 to refurbish their project site and provide specialized facilities for up to 100 young people at a time.

This round of funding is part of the Government’s commitment to provide high-quality activities and facilities for young people. The Youth Investment Fund aims to support organizations and projects in areas with the greatest need. The fund is being managed by Social Investment Business, a partner in delivering this initiative. They have been pleased with the diverse range of projects applying for funding and the involvement of young people in shaping these plans.

In addition to the Youth Investment Fund, the government is investing £11 million to support an extra one million hours of youth services, focusing on areas with high levels of anti-social behavior. This investment is part of the government’s Anti-Social Behavior Action Plan, which aims to tackle anti-social behavior and provide positive activities and role models for young people. Furthermore, £16.9 million will be allocated to expand access to uniformed youth groups, creating 20,000 new places for young people aged between 10-18. This investment will benefit organizations such as The Scout Association, Girlguiding, and Volunteer Police Cadets.

These announcements are part of the government’s National Youth Guarantee, which aims to ensure every young person in England aged 11-18 has access to regular clubs and activities, adventures away from home, and volunteering opportunities by 2025. The government has committed over £500 million to support youth services over the next three years, including the Youth Investment Fund and ongoing support for the National Citizen Service.

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